At 17 I started with "Tennos", a rock fusion band. But later on, I discovered the poetic and musical magnetism of Leguizamón and Castilla's folklore, Eladia's tangos, and other treasures of our music.

So, with Gustavo Fernández on guitar, we put together some shows, until 1986 when I started working in a vocal duet with Osvaldo Mongelli.

After some time, and with a third voice (Dina Sapollnik) we created Tríptico, a vocal trio of Latin American music. We performed in the General San Martin Cultural Center, in Paseo La Plaza, in the Trabún Festival of San Martín de los Andes together with Raúl Carnota and Suna Rocha, on Quique Pesoa's radio show and on the TV show "Medianoche Aurora Grundig".

In the 90s I grew fond of jazz and blues. With Osvaldo we recorded in the Jazzología special of the San Martín Center the CD Almas Robadas, presented at Café Tortoni.

Since 2003 I have done solo work, in jazz and blues specials, bossa, and a little of Argentine rock.

In 2006, always within jazz, I recorded my first solo album, Infinidad, with Alejandro Devries (former keyboardist of Pedro Aznar), Guido Martínez, Bernardo Baraj, Facundo Bergalli, and Leo Álvarez, which was presented in October at El Condado. In February 2007 I traveled to Puerto Madryn, where I performed at the Margarita Pub and the Bahía Nueva Hotel.
I'm currently doing jazz and bossa specials in Bodega 52 and Café Martínez, and among my projects there is a trip in September to present the album in some cities of Spain.
"Infinidad, Gabriela Mazzeo's solo album, has a good selection of songs. I think that her version of "Natural Boy" is one of the best ever. Musicians follow it (even in her inflections) with expressive continuity. Gabriela sings in tune with ease and pleasure. Some of the phrases even seem improvised due to her freshness. It doesn't matter if they are a spontaneous creation, or if they have been rehearsed, you hear them with pleasure. Personally I think her voice should be more in the front, but that does not mar the final result at all. I think this record will give her great satisfactions."
César Borsano - founder/director of the Creole Jazz Band. -

I also participated in a seminar on the origins and history of jazz, led by Professor César Borsano (founder/director of the Creole Jazz Band).

Finally, in September 2007 I presented my CD in Madrid, in acoustic versions. I did it in "Rincón del arte nuevo"; and lastly, as part of "La noche en blanco" (an annual event held in Madrid with all-night cultural activities).

"They say he who seeks finds. In times of musical obsession based on eMule, YouTube, iTunes and other 'sound havens' of the Internet, one can still find answers to the need to pamper one's ears in real life. The formidable Argentine jazz singer, Gabriela Mazzeo, toured the small bar stages of Madrid to give a beautiful sample of good taste. Accompanied by her acoustic guitar, her years of performing on stage proved that she really knows the concept of 'less is more'. Her voice shone with the greatest jazz compositions of all time, while she adapted with great ease versions of new artists such as Macy Gray. Neither tango, bossa nova or Argentine folklore were absent on those nights where the basic singer-listener relationship was adorned with class, and precious taste. Simply something worth repeating."

Héctor Llorente Chinarro, Madrid musical.

After the recording, Vereda Dixie was presented on June 22, 2010 in the Jazzología Special of the San Martín Cultural Center, with a great band of thirteen musicians on stage!
On Friday, August 6, 2010 the show on the stage of Clásica y Moderna was acoustic (piano, bass, percussion, vocals).
In 2011, Vereda Dixie was presented in La Dama de Bollini, among other venues, and in private events.

In September / November 2012 I recorded my third solo work: Lovely cafe. It's an album with different colors of jazz, initially inspired by the tango "The last coffee" (El último café), now versioned with an air of slow, melancholic blues.
The direction, as always, along with the arrangements and the unmistakable piano, was in charge of Alejandro Devries. Excellent musicians and singers also joined me in this project:
Double bass: Guido Martínez
Drums: Diego Alejandro
Guitars: Lucas Capitelli
Vocals: Silencio de Negra (Carolina Roisinblit-Paula Muñoz-Eugenia Alende)
Guest singer: Osvaldo Mongelli

The record continues appearing in 2014 at Gargantúa Theater and the Jazzología Cycle of the CCGral San Martin.

In parallel with working as a soloist, I also integrate the female trio "Rouge tempo" dedicated to the vocal jazz of the 40s.